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        Lyra felt the shallow waves splash over her toes as she tried to stretch her green bikini bottoms over more of her rear.  "I told you I needed a new one, Bon-Bon," Lyra grumbled as she released the thin material which snapped back towards the center of her bottom.  "It's all those extra desserts you've been making," she pouted as she looked over her shoulder, glaring at the picnic basket hooked onto Bon-Bon's arm.
Bon-Bon chuckled as the wind stirred the frills on her cream-coloured retro styled two piece.  "I never forced you to eat them dear," she said with a wink.  "Besides, you look better with a full rear bumper," she finished with a light slap from the back of her hand to the talked-about tushie.  She beamed at the yelp from Lyra.
A short walk away, Carrot Top spun in delight as she took in the whole of the beach.  The light wrap tied over th
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It Was Real
WARNING: This story contains ponies kissing.
It had been a very long day for Rainbow Dash.  First she had to clean up the clouds from the big storm they had set up the day before and then Pinkie wanted to roam around the town doing their usual routine.  As the sun went down and Pinkie went hopping away, leaving her alone in the field on the edge of Ponyville, Rainbow wanted nothing more than to collapse.
She looked longingly up at the clouds, those oh so comfy clouds, but the soreness in her wings told her they were out of reach for now.  She looked around briefly for a near enough tree to climb into, but her legs gave out.  "The buck with it," she said and she was asleep before she finished rolling on to her back.
In her dream, she flew.  Her speed felt slower, but she knew it was faster than she'd ever flown in her life.  When Rainbow landed, she was there.  She wasn't anypony in particular and
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United States
Um, Hi.
I'm a grown woman who likes to colour other folks' pictures of cartoon characters.
Yes, my parents ARE proud.

I DIDN'T DRAW ANY OF THESE. I can not stress that enough!
Give the artists the love they deserve, I'll link whenever I know who to link to.

If you see something of yours without your name on it, let me know and I'll either give you credit or take it down by your wishes.
Oh look, I had another lapse!

Sorry about that, things have been generally awful!

Anyway, good news, writing again. Wrote a thing for the MLPG's friendoff called "The Strongest Man in Equestria" which I'll put on later this week. It's a story about Lyra going to visit her best friend from her childhood. Also the friend is a human.

Aaaaaand, I'm finally back to work with Stonershy on that Fallout thing. Stupid life, getting in the way of fanfiction!

Anyway, you can find "Odds and Ends" here:…

It's all about that wacky Paharita and her adventures in the post apocalyptic Wasteland. Fair warning, it's messy in both violence and sex. Though following chapters will not be as violent as chapter 1...

And thanks again for the picture :iconcsimadmax:


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