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Um, Hi.
I'm a grown woman who likes to colour other folks' pictures of cartoon characters.
Yes, my parents ARE proud.

I DIDN'T DRAW ANY OF THESE. I can not stress that enough!
Give the artists the love they deserve, I'll link whenever I know who to link to.

If you see something of yours without your name on it, let me know and I'll either give you credit or take it down by your wishes.
Oh look, I had another lapse!

Sorry about that, things have been generally awful!

Anyway, good news, writing again. Wrote a thing for the MLPG's friendoff called "The Strongest Man in Equestria" which I'll put on later this week. It's a story about Lyra going to visit her best friend from her childhood. Also the friend is a human.

Aaaaaand, I'm finally back to work with Stonershy on that Fallout thing. Stupid life, getting in the way of fanfiction!

Anyway, you can find "Odds and Ends" here:…

It's all about that wacky Paharita and her adventures in the post apocalyptic Wasteland. Fair warning, it's messy in both violence and sex. Though following chapters will not be as violent as chapter 1...

And thanks again for the picture :iconcsimadmax:

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Happy late birthday.  Hope you had fun.  :) 
Happy B-Day!Airborne 
MoongazePonies Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:party: Happy birthday! :iconpinkiepiecakeplz:
happy b-day!
HaPpY bIrThDaY1!1!
Hay, Dizzy!  Were you at Bronycon this year?
I was. I was selling things for Madmax.
Did.... did I talk to you and not even realize it?
It's possible, I was pretty much the only person working Max's table the entire event except for the scant few minutes I went to the bathroom. I ever spoke at the Fanfic After Dark panel.
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WAIT! WAIT! It can't turn tomorrow yet! Happy Birthday! I didn't miss it! I swear!
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